Our Team

Our Team

Community Success Initiative  Raleigh, North Carolina



Dennis Gaddy – Executive Director


Dennis Gaddy

Dennis Gaddy is the Executive Director of Community Success Initiative (CSI) a non-profit corporation with a vision to create communities where people discover their potential, set worthy goals for their lives, and take action in a positive way, with an emphasis on men and women who are transitioning from prison and jail, or who otherwise find themselves entangled in the criminal justice system. Dennis places special emphasis in the areas of goal-setting, developing and maintaining a pleasing personality and a positive mental attitude, time management skills, and keys to optimum vision and leadership. Dennis Gaddy’s personal mission is to help others to be their best, and for the last 20 years, he has refined his skills, leading him into the field of success coaching, training, and consulting people, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor, or socio-economic status.

A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and the Campbell University School of Law, Dennis had a 20 year sales career. However, due to some poor financial decisions he experienced the pain of bankruptcy, the loss of his law license, and prison. Dennis was incarcerated for five years, eight months in the NC Department of Corrections.

Rather than being overcome by either success or failure, Dennis studied both, and learned valuable and positive insights from the past. He learned the value of using the past as a place of reference, but not residence, and designed and teaches a 15-Step leadership course on “How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”. This leadership course is the foundation he works from when coaching people in personal growth and development.

Along with his duties at CSI, Dennis currently serves as a  member of the North Carolina  Lawyers Advocates for Justice Racial and Ethnic Bias Task Force, Member of the NAACP National delegation to United Nations at Geneva Switzerland to highlight the condition of Felony Disenfranchisement in the United States and also serves as the Criminal Justice Chair for the North Carolina NAACP. He also serves on a national reentry subcommittee for the Center for State Government’s National Reentry Resource Center, and most recently was recognized with the Goodman Award (Jim Goodman- President, Capital Broadcasting/WRAL Television) for exceptional Leadership by Leadership Triangle. Dennis is also an entrepreneur and is a partner with Gaddy Success Enterprises.

Dennis has been married for 33 years and he and his wife have two daughters.

Dennis can reached at 919-715-0111 xtn 239, or dgaddy1@communitysuccess.org


Rhoda Bruington – CSI Administrative Support


Rhoda Bruington

Rhoda was born and raised in Philadelphia, but left home early on to “see the world”. During her travels, she earned an AA in Applied Science in Nursing in Florida and worked as a Medical Assistant, Certified Radiation Technician, and medical billing specialist.

After roaming up and down the East Coast, Rhoda found herself at the North Carolina Correctional Center for Women for 13 years because of some poor choices she made. While there, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Behavioral Science from Shaw University. She was active in the prison, social, and academic community, receiving accolades from officials and others.

In 2006, Rhoda joined the CSI team, first as a volunteer and then as a part-time consultant. She continues to utilize her communications and networking skills with formerly incarcerated and homeless populations. Rhoda has also been very active in the Kairos Prison Ministry since 1994.

Gracie the Cat is her favorite companion. Rhoda enjoys public speaking, assisting and mentoring the homeless, dancing, and cross-stitching. She keeps many “irons in the fire” as she looks forward to passing the blessings she has received to others.


William Burton – Personal Development/CSI Administrative Support

William D. Burton attended the University Without Walls, Capital


William Burton


University, Columbus,Ohio. for two years before he was arrested for being delinquent in his child support! William was delinquent because of a prior conviction years ago. William then attempted to work 40 hrs per week, while carrying 18 credit hrs. per semester. While his GPA remained high, burnout set in causing a negative impact by what he calls an ‘ The Injustice System’. This led Wm to drop out and become a consultant for Criminal Justice Systems in three states, Ohio, California as well as the Dept Of Youth Services in both Ca. and Ohio! William believes that he got the inspiration to contribute, as opposed to becoming negative and giving up, from his Mother, COGIC State Supervisor- Missionary For The West Indies and West Africa.

In his own words, Wm. states that “The beautiful part of this story is that in some states formerly incarcerated persons, who have paid their debt to society, are actually treated like their debt has been paid in full! While in many other states they are treated like that debt is a life sentence!”

“I had also created two powerful ‘PERKSHOPs’ called ‘FORGIVING FOR A LIVING’ and ‘LIVING LIKE THE CHILDREN ARE WATCHING!” I applied the tools from these seminars to my own life, and decided that my past was truly not my potential!
#1. I Made a list of the characteristics which I wanted the people in my life to have!
#2. I became the list! Like Jim Rohn stated, we get what we deserve, not what we need!
#3. I learned how to stop looking at people & situations to see what they could do for me. I began to see how I could contribute! Win/Win + Pure Intent! Someone called this ‘Enlightened Self Interest!’
#4. I created an ‘Eternal Journal Process’ in which I wrote my goals, prayers, affirmations, visualizations and aspirations and regularly updated them! This was a Quantum Leap toward managing my Internal Dialogue, my ID, the conversation which each of us have with ourselves every minute of every day!

WDB has gone on to lecture in 16 universities. Serve on UNC’s summer faculty 3 summers in a row! He was chosen to present a 3 hr. workshop at the Teaching Fellows Conference help at Elon College! Without a college degree, Wm. was a Development Consultant and a Counselor at Shaw University, and became the National Director Of Marketing for the Black WallStreet Journal!


Wonis Davis – Mentor, Community Outreach and CSI Caterer

Wonis spent most of his childhood and impressionable years in


Wonis Davis

Brooklyn, New York. His outgoing nature and the desire to have the “finer” things in life were instrumental in his decision to earn some “fast” money as a drug dealer.

After serving 9 years, 6 months, and 22days in prison on drug charges, Wonis was determined to make a positive change in his life. He is currently co-partner of Love Life Catering & Food Management Company, in Durham, NC; has an on-line marketing business featuring men’s clothing; and hopes to one day open a barber shop in the Raleigh Triangle Area. Wonis views his businesses not only as a means of self support; but also, an opportunity for others to gain employment and possibly define career goals.

A member of Community Success Initiative’s Speaker’s Bureau, Wonis shares his experiences with many formerly incarcerated, those incarcerated, youth, and the community. The sole purpose of his dynamic, gut-reaching, and thought provoking presentations is to inform, influence, enlighten, and promote positive life decisions. Wonis is also a mentor to several formerly incarcerated persons in the North Carolina area.


Vega Johnson-Swepson – Client Liaison / Intake Specialist

Vega Johnson-Swepson is a human services professional, with a concentration in mental health. Her experience and expertise have enabled her to serve as a Client Liaison/Intake Specialist for Community Success Initiative since 2007. Past experience includes providing similar services to Leading Into New Communities (LINC) a Wilmington , a NC- based reentry and substance abuse treatment program. She also has twenty years experience providing case management and
intervention services as a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional (QP) in Orange , Durham and Wake counties, as well as within private agencies.

She completed both her Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation and Master of Science in Recreation Management degrees at North Carolina Central University . She is currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Education- Teaching and Leadership program at Walden University, Baltimore, Maryland.


Ho Haryadi – Accounting  Data Base and Development



Born in Indonesia, ethnic-Chinese minority, MD degree at Airlangga


Ho Haryadi

University. In 1972 Ho came to the US and completed his training in Psychiatry at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). Married 34 years to Buffalo born Terry (Theresa), raised four stepchildren as his own, and now has four grandchildren. For 15 years Ho practiced adult Psychiatry, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, Chronic Pain Management and Geriatric Medicine. Clinical Assistant Professor at UB.

His most favorite activities: teaching, training and presentation of any topic, while exchanging and continuously learning. Later progressively more involved in organizational intervention and consultation He received his MBA in Healthcare Management, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY.

For the past twenty years: broad range managerial/strategic operations functions, and held a number of management roles, for-profit and non-profit.

Ho relocated to North Carolina in 2007 for economic reasons. Currently involved in project management, strategic operations and organizational development consultant serving small to medium businesses in the Triangle area. He is available for all levels of speaking, teaching and training in addition to consulting services.


Rickey Moore – Web Site, IT Manager and Development Team

 I’ve been fooling with computers since


Ric Moore

the first Apple ][ came out, in 1978. During that time, I spent 26 years in the Chemical Industry, working all of the western states as the typical company rep, trouble shooter and all round go-to guy. Then I made a very bad choice. I objectified another human being and did 5 years as the guest of NCDOC. It was in my last two years that I met Dennis, at Wake Correctional, as well as some of our other CSI staffers. Dennis mentored me, as well as some excellent NCDOC staff who were involved in the SOAR program.

Now, along with my web and database duties for CSI, I have founded the “NuOAR” project. I’m beta testing both the Java “Open WonderLand’ software project (OWL) and “OpenSim”, the open-source mono server version of “Second Life” to use as a potential 3D computer learning lab for prisons. It’s exciting and we have gotten press and inquiries over it already, as far away as Australia!

If you get an email from wayward4now@gmail.com, asking for clarification about your entry in our database, which is almost 1,700 entries long, that’s me! Thanks to you all for being there, from all of us!


Candace Rashada – Director of Development


Baqir and Candace Mujahid./ Dennis Gaddy

Candace brings over eighteen years experience assisting in the development of successful grant proposals, as well as training and development for young adult and adult populations. Her experience with City University of New York, City of New York Administration for Children’s Services and New York State Office of Youth Services led to the creation and continued funding of programs that served transitioning public assistance recipients, youth leaving foster care as well as children in protective custody.

She has also directed program design and implementation for traditionally under-served populations. Ms. Rashada has also served as a grant proposal reviewer at both the New York state and federal levels. Since relocating to North Carolina in 2006, she has successfully written proposals for Community Success Initiative. She presented “Organizational Capacity Building & Network Development” at the North Carolina Department of Correction Office of Transition Services 2007 Statewide Conference on Offender Reentry.

Both her BA in English and graduate coursework in Public Administration were completed at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Keith Dixon – Information Technology

A little over two years ago, Keith


Keith Dixon

Dixon began volunteering at CSI at the request of his friend, Sheldon Howard, a member of the CSI staff. Keith provides administrative support to the organization. He maintains two of CSI’s data bases. One identifies specific history of our client to include, but not limited to, job skills and experiences and their attendance to various training classes and workshops. The other identifies CSI’s business partners and their job skills requirements. This means that at the stroke of a key, Keith (an CSI) is able to quickly identify a client (s) who may match a job opportunity offered by a business partner. Using these databases, CSI has referred several clients for potential job placement.

Keith also picks up donated food from Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza, and periodically he unselfishly provides transportation to CSI staff. He is retired from his own auto parts business, has a B S degree from Penn State and a MBA degree from Pace University. He and his wife, Wanda a retired school teacher, have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. In Keith’s words, “I volunteer at CSI because I see them making a real difference in the lives of people who need the kind of support that we give them..