June 11, 2019

The Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation LogoThe Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation invites letters of inquiry by August 15, 2019 for support for projects that will make a substantial difference in the lives of incarcerated men and women after they have completed their sentences.

The significant impediments that incarcerated men and women face as they attempt to re-start their lives and re-join their communities have been well-documented. These include the requirements of the parole and probation systems, legal barriers to the restoration of voting and other civil rights, challenges with mental health, substance abuse, jobs, transportation, and housing. The Rapoport Foundation would like to support hands-on projects that experiment with new approaches to improving the success of these men and women. These projects might take place in jail/prison, after incarceration, or both. We also wish to support research that examines the efficacy of current practices. Some projects would be expected to have an immediate impact, while others might have a future impact by advancing our knowledge or engaging in advocacy that challenges unfair or ineffective laws or practices. Some projects might address a broad, integrated cluster of challenges, while others might address a targeted objective including, but not limited to jobs, education, mental health, transportation, or the unique needs of women (ex-)prisoners.

The Foundation is eager to learn about the exciting work that is being done by people who share our interest in this topic; we are not entering this process with a settled view on the “right” or “best” approach. Our “letter of inquiry” requirement is a compact process that allows us to give you feedback before you dedicate considerable time to a full proposal. The Foundation’s capacity allows us to entertain single or multi-year proposals for $10,000 up to about $200,000. Where appropriate, applicants may apply for a smaller pilot grant or planning grant now with the potential to apply for a larger follow-up grant during a future grant cycle.

You may begin the LOI process by visiting www.rapoportfdn.org→Apply Now. All LOIs must be submitted online. Please consult the foundation’s website for additional information or call the foundation at 254.741.0510.

Source: JusticeCenter