September 4, 2019
Categories: juvenile justice

Hosted by the Performance-based Standards Learning Institute

Performance based standardsExcessive use of overtime, competing work demands, and high expectations regarding interacting with youth, can lead to burnout for juvenile justice direct care staff. This webinar will focus on the impact that staff wellness has on staff retention. Panelists will describe trauma and wellness, share strategies for maintaining a healthy work environment, and provide tools that staff may use to ensure they prioritize self-care. The webinar objectives are: to review research on factors influencing why staff leave or stay with an organization; to discuss types of trauma (primary and secondary) and prevalence rates; to understand the physical, emotional, and social impacts of trauma; to learn to recognize the warning signs of trauma and prolonged chronic stress; to offer specific strategies that will allow staff to maintain health and wellness (agency, facility, and individual levels); and to provide additional resources related to the topic of staff wellness.

Date: Tuesday, September 10
Time: 1–2:30 p.m. ET

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Source: JusticeCenter