August 5, 2016
Categories: Justice Reform

Michelle Alexander,000001secondchancebutton-smaller_0 Author of “The New Jim Crow – Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”, addresses the devastating impact that the mass incarceration of Black men is having on communities.

For a study guide to this video, we have an abridged 12 page version of “The New Jim Crow” that is free, or for the complete study guide, that is complete at 75 pages, which costs $10,  it is found at:

“This groundbreaking book illuminates black Americans’ lingering suspicions of the criminal justice system. The false imprisonment of black men has its history in an ignominious economic system that depended on coerced labor and didn’t flinch from savagery toward fellow human beings. Blackmon’s exhaustive reportage should put an end to the oft-repeated slander that black Americans tend toward lawlessness.” –  See more at: