January 30, 2019


By Kevin Hayes

Two grants totaling $1.5 million will be used by several agencies within the Delaware Department of Correction to curb the state’s recidivism rate by better preparing those who have served their time for the next phase of their life without bars.

Commissioner Perry Phelps kicked off the Tuesday morning announcement in the Department of Correction Administration Building in Dover.

“The D.O.C. has worked tirelessly since February of 2017 to improve and expand our correctional programs to create and foster an enhanced rehabilitative environment for our institutions and probation and parole officers,” said Phelps. “Federal support in the form of the Innovations in Reentry Grant and the Statewide Recidivism Reduction Grant helps us to ensure that inmates and probationers get programming to equip them for success.”

Christian Kervick, executive director of the Delaware Criminal Justice Council, helps run one of the many entities that will benefit from the federal funding.

“It’s great to be reminded every once in a while that we have a great track record of going after competitive grants and it’s because of great grant writers in our office. Our office has been aggressive over the past decade in thinking outside the box and getting federal grants that will help us re-entry efforts,” said Kervick. “It is rare—if not the first time in the country—that one state has received both of these grants.”

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Source: JusticeCenter