June 12, 2017
Categories: assessment

Screenshot 2017-06-12 15.55.45The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center today released an innovative Risk Assessment Quality Improvement (RAQI) checklist to help state and local corrections agencies, community supervision agencies, and treatment/programming providers analyze how well their risk and needs assessment tool is working. The checklist helps identify potential problems with assessment tools quickly and efficiently. State agencies can then use this information to ensure that taxpayer dollars are targeted correctly and used effectively on supervision, programming, and treatment.

CSG Justice Center staff will work with interested agencies to deploy the RAQI by

  • Reviewing the risk and needs assessment tool’s design and structure;
  • Determining how the tool is used throughout the system;
  • Analyzing the tool’s predictive accuracy; and
  • Reporting on findings and recommendations.

To learn more about the checklist and technical assistance to execute quality improvement plans, contact raqi@csgjusticecenter.org.

Source: JusticeCenter