July 2, 2018
Categories: Crisis

ncjtcThe National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College will host a training that examines common issues faced by law enforcement and service providers when encountering a person in crisis. Participants will review methods to prevent or intervene in a crisis situation in which mental illness is a factor, including de-escalation and communication techniques. They will also learn to identify presenting symptoms of various types of mental health disorders, including mood disorders, psychotic disorders, borderline personality disorders, and anxiety disorders. In addition, the training will explore the basic methods of assessing the presence of suicidal intention and three alternative intervention strategies; there will also be discussions about the lifelong impact that trauma has on specific groups of people such as veterans, abused and neglected children, domestic violence survivors, and individuals impacted by historical trauma.

Date: September 18–19
LocationMount Pleasant, MI

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Source: JusticeCenter