March 29, 2019
Categories: funding

NIJ logoThe National Institute of Justice  is seeking applications for funding of multidisciplinary research projects addressing four topics: the cumulative effects of shift-work schedules, overtime, and secondary employment on the health, safety, performance, and quality of life of police or correctional officers; enhancing strategies for officer interaction with individuals presenting with mental illness; understanding the impact and management of stress, burnout, and vicarious trauma to advance resiliency of the forensic science workforce; and the impact of undercover work on officer wellness. All four topics, in varying degrees, lend themselves to a mixed-method approach involving a combination of the measurement of behavioral, psychological, biological, and physiological responses. Additionally, all four topics lend themselves to multidisciplinary research from behavioral science, neuroscience, operations research, and the social science communities.

The solicitation provides further details about the program. Applications are due by May 28.

Source: JusticeCenter