May 30, 2019

Arnold VenturesArnold Ventures and the CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance (ISLG) are accepting applications for the Reducing Revocations Challenge, a national research and policy initiative dedicated to transforming probation and reducing unnecessary failures that contribute to mass incarceration. The Challenge seeks to support action research in up to 10 jurisdictions around the country to better understand why revocations occur and how they can be prevented, with the goal of informing specific policy and practice interventions. Research will be carried out over a 16-month period by research organizations in partnership with local probation agencies, with technical assistance and peer learning support provided by ISLG and an Advisory Board comprised of research and practitioner experts in the field of probation. At the end of this process, select policy and practice interventions may be eligible to receive funding in a potential second phase of the initiative.

The solicitation provides further details about the program. Applications are due by June 24.

Source: JusticeCenter