May 21, 2018
Categories: Advocacy

FPWAThe Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA) will host an Advocacy Academy training, which aims to help faith-based and community leaders learn the methods and strategies needed to effectively engage local and state governments and grant makers in working to reduce poverty, advance upward mobility, and create shared prosperity. 

The curriculum will cover topics such as the role of faith-based institutions in the community, the responsibilities of elected officials, and the nuts and bolts of research and organizing. During the concluding session, participants will give brief presentations on projects they developed to improve their communities; certificates of achievement are awarded to all participants who successfully complete the course. FPWA offers continued support for participants during the first year of the launch of their projects to help maximize their success.

Date: Tuesdays from May 29—June 26
Location: Jamaica, NY

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Source: JusticeCenter