May 5, 2018
Categories: Reentry

Pacific Daily News

By Jerick Sablan

The first participants in the Adult Reentry Court program are doing well on their path to stay out of jail.

The nine participants appeared before Superior Court of Guam Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena III for a hearing Friday.

The program allows those who have been in and out of the court system to get needed services in the hopes that they don’t come back.

Lamorena, who heads the Adult Reentry Court, said it was good to see most of the participants are so far doing well.

The program started on April 13 and participants have been able to avail of the services provided by the court’s partners. Many of them have been able to get help from the Department of Public Health and Social Services with Medicaid and food stamps, Lamorena said.

Public Health is also allowing participants to get a free certified birth certificate which can help them get other services, he said.

Non-profit organizations like Lighthouse Recovery Center and Oasis Empowerment Center have been providing services to help with drug addiction.

The GCA Trades Academy is helping provide training to participants so they can learn skills to get jobs. The Department of Labor’s American Job Center is helping them find jobs.

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Source: JusticeCenter