Alexander Miller – Speaker

Alexander Miller is a native of Richmond Virginia. In 1981 he was sentenced to four life terms by the state of North Carolina.

While incarcerated, Mr. Miller was instrumental in starting a crime deterrent program for youth called “Think Smart” in Central prison in 1983.

Mr. Miller entered prison as a high school drop-out. While incarcerated, he earned his G.E.D. Through Wake Technical College, Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Management through Shaw University and certificates in numerous fields. He also taught G.E.D classes, as a teaching assistant, and became certified as a Laubach Tutor teaching incarcerated adults to read and write.

Mr. Miller earned several honors as a result of his work while incarcerated, including a letter from then Governor James Martin for his work with the Think Smart Program, Shaw University Dean’s List, invited to join Alpha Kappa Mu Honors Society, invited to join Mensa, nominated to join the United States Achievement Academy and graduated Summa Cam Laud from Shaw University.

After serving twenty-six years in prison, Mr. Miller was paroled to Raleigh, NC, where he married and worked as a licensed commercial plumber.

When the housing meltdown reached the construction industry he was laid off. Instead of seeing a crisis, he saw an opportunity, and launched his own publishing company, RedHawk Publishing. In 2007, he published one of the two novels he wrote while incarcerated. His first novel, Caesar Slaughter: A Second To Die, was the best seller of Women’s Empowerment 2008. Mr. Miller believes that, regardless of your circumstance, you can achieve your dreams and become financially successful if you apply certain basic principles to your life.