Wonis Davis – Speaker

Wonis spent most of his childhood and impressionable years in Brooklyn, New York. His outgoing nature and the desire to have the “finer” things in life were instrumental in his decision to earn some “fast” money as a drug dealer.

After serving 9 years, 6 months, and 22 days in prison on drug charges, Wonis was determined to make a positive change in his life. He is currently co­partner of Love Life Catering & Food Management Company, in Durham, NC; has an on­line marketing business featuring men’s clothing; and hopes to one day open a barber shop in the Raleigh Triangle Area.

Wonis views his businesses not only as a means of self support; but also, an opportunity for others to gain employment and possibly define career goals. A member of CSI’s Speaker’s Bureau, Wonis shares his experiences with many formerly incarcerated, those incarcerated, youth, and the community. The sole purpose of his dynamic, gut­reaching, and thought provoking presentations is to inform, influence, enlighten, and promote positive life decisions. Wonis is also a mentor to several formerly incarcerated persons in the North Carolina area.