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Below is the full audio recording that Earl Nightingale made of The Strangest Secret.



One-on-One Coaching and Group Training

Designed to inspire individuals to peak performance by helping them to tap the “acres of diamonds” that lies within them. These sessions will help one to become a success in any chosen field of endeavor, regardless of the adversities that one has gone through, or regardless of socioeconomic status.

15 principles of Leadership PDF file
Using Time While Doing Time PDF file


Success Training For The Workplace

Success coaching and consulting designed to make the workplace a more positive and profitable arena; designed to help find the hidden “profit centers” that are waiting to be tapped and discovered at the job site; concentrates on using the power of “attitude” of the employees/staff (or sales force), goal setting, as well as simple (and sometimes overlooked!) marketing strategies to help take any company, large or small, to a new level.

Faith-Based/Inter-Faith Leadership Training

Designed to tap and develop the enormous potential of Leaders within the faith-based and interfaith community; will help to channel the “spiritual enthusiasm” that already exists to higher levels of greatness “for good and for God”; will also help faith based communities recognize the common ground that we all share.

Along with using the 15 Principles as outlined above, we offer the following forms of empowerment:

        • Success Institute — “Think Tank” designed to study and implement success concepts; to include success lectures and various forms of empowerment and leadership training.

        • Success Circle — Sessions include various speakers, as well as networking to help build community relationships, and to study personal development books, tapes and articles.

        • Success Productions/Resource Library — Designed as a way to take success concepts to the masses. “Success Radio” and “Success Notes” is envisioned as a way to bring together interviews, recorded messages, books and articles of recognized success teachers and leaders, as well as everyday folk to “let us in” on how others have succeeded and what obstacles were overcome. Audio, video, CD, books and other programs are recommended – in accordance with the overall mission.

At the end of the day, we would hope that our work: (1) empowers individuals to create the lives they want and (2) positively impacts communities by helping to create and strengthen friendships and relationships.


Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich!

Click here to download the Napoleon Hill file in PDF format.

50 Famously Successful People Who Failed At First

Not everyone who’s on top today got there with success after success. More often than not, those who history best remembers were faced with numerous obstacles that forced them to work harder and show more determination than others. Click here to read their stories.

Napoleon Hill series

Law of Success Lesson 1 – Master Mind.pdf
Law of Success Lesson 2 – A Definite Chief Aim.pdf
Law of Success Lesson 3 – Self-Confidence.pdf
Law of Success Lesson 4 – The Habit Of Saving.pdf
Law of Success Lesson 5 – Initiative and Leadership.pdf
Law of Success Lesson 6 – Imagination.pdf
Law of Success Lesson 7 – Enthusiasm.pdf
Law of Success Lesson 8 – Self-Control.pdf
Law of Success Lesson 9 – Habit Of Doing More Than Paid For.pdf
Law of Success Lesson x10 – Pleasing Personality.pdf
Law of Success Lesson x11 – Accurate Thought.pdf
Law of Success Lesson x12 – Concentration.pdf
LeadTheField-Earl Nightingale.pdf
Napoleon Hill -Pathway to Personal Success.pdf
Napoleon Hill-Think and Grow Rich–Action Guide.pdf