North Carolina Resource Lists and Databases

This page is dedicated to North Carolina based 000001secondchancebutton-smaller_0resource lists and databases for the formerly incarcerated. Please return to this page routinely, as we update it as more sources of information are made available. If you have a list to contribute or a link to point us to, we’ll be happy to include it. Just email: to inform us about it, so we can add it to this page for the benefit of everyone.

North Carolina Dept of Correction County by County Resource Database Statewide County Resource Database.

The database was developed to provide released offenders, North Carolina Dept of Correction staff, other state agencies and community partners with a searchable tool that can identify resources in all 100 counties in North Carolina. The Office of Transition Services will serve as the lead entity for the Resource Database and will oversee all data input, changes and updates. If you have any questions regarding the Database, please feel free to contact:
Vincent Gaddy at (919) 716-3096, or
Monica Artis at (919) 716-3091,

Click here to access this extensive database.

Employment specialists for the “formerly incarcerated”

Click here to get a pdf file of North Carolina local and state branch offices for former offender specialists / Employment Security Commission. The Former Offender Initiative (FOI) began in 2008, assigning one state coordinator and identifying local office specialists as the “go to person” for the program.