August 16, 2019
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PTACC logoThis training and technical assistance conference is the second of two annual conferences devoted to the development and support of pre-arrest deflection (PAD) efforts across the United States, and building the treatment and funding capacity to sustain them. The first year featured work force development for 30 or more jurisdictions from around the nation led by members of the Police, Treatment, and Community (PTACC) Collaborative as well as peers from the fields of law enforcement, behavioral health and social services, research, and community advocacy.

During year two, (if funding allows) PTACC members will continue working with participating sites to help start or enhance their PAD efforts, including planning, implementation, evaluating, messaging, treatment bridging, building treatment capacity, etc.

Registration buttonDate: Nov. 10–13, 2019
Ponte Vedra, FL


Source: JusticeCenter