July 2, 2018
Categories: behavioral health

Hosted by the SAMHSA–HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions

Register buttonDate: Monday, July 16
Time: 1–2:30 p.m. ET

Approximately 20 percent of people in jails have a serious mental illness and 26 percent meet the threshold for serious psychological distress in the past 30 days. Adding to this concerning picture, people in jail have higher rates of numerous chronic health conditions than the general population. Upon release, it is essential that communities ensure immediate access to outpatient treatment services. Community and jail health care HRSA logosystems historically operate in a parallel manner, creating barriers to timely care and continuity of care. There are emerging models and practices that integrate these systems, improving access to care and service engagement both from community to jail and upon transition back to the community. This webinar will share lessons learned and best practices from innovative programs formed by local jails and behavioral health providers (including those working in integrated primary care settings) partnering to ensure continuity of care and timely access to care.


Source: JusticeCenter