May 23, 2018

By CSG Justice Center Staff

U.S. Map with PA Highlighted in BlueIn the past five years, Pennsylvania has saved more than $96 million as a result of justice reinvestment policies and reinvested more than $18 million of those savings in county-based projects to improve public safety outcomes. Nearly 50 counties have received grants for a range of projects, including innovative policing, strategies to combat crime, law enforcement data sharing, law enforcement technology updates, Crisis Intervention Training, improving arrest fingerprint submissions, a heroin initiative, strengthening county probation, and more. Grant recipients include the offices of county commissioners, police chiefs, district attorneys, and other local entities. The state also reinvested nearly $4 million in victim services and close to $3 million in system enhancements, such as a risk assessment instrument that will be used statewide by 2020.

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Source: JusticeCenter