November 30, 2015
Categories: Redemption

North Carolina SOAR Program leads the country in comprehensive offender treatment

SOAR is an intensive residential therapeutic community. Participants are in treatment six hours per day, five days per week for twenty weeks (approximately 600 hours of treatment). Approximately 40 participants are selected for each of two treatment cycles, with about 72 inmates completing SOAR each year. The program is staffed by psychologists with experience in working with sexual offenders as well as inmate peer counselor-inmates who have completed the SOAR program and who, as peer counselors, provide support services to staff and participants.

We urge that everyone give support towards NCDOC’s continuing support of this program.  The place for therapy is while still in custody, and not when the offender is standing outside the gates with a $45 dollar gate check and a looming debt of $1,000, or more(!), for out-care.

Instead, SOAR needs to be radically expanded to insure that everyone in custody has a chance for the two R’s. Rehab and Redemption.   This link is to the Justice Center’s evaluation. This link is to  the SOAR program director, Dr. Richard Carbo, program description of SOAR, which is converted to pdf format for download.