October 25, 2018
Categories: Diversion

New York County District Attorney’s Office DANYThe New York County District Attorney’s Office (DANY) is requesting proposals to evaluate Early Diversion Programs for Young Adults and Adults. Applicants to evaluate the Early Diversion initiative should propose a research design that facilitates an implementation assessment, outcome evaluation, and cost-benefit analysis of the initiative. Although the programs that constitute the initiative are not exactly alike, they all involve one-day interventions that, if successfully completed, help participants avoid arrest records, prosecution, and traditional case processing. Specific goals of the evaluation include an understanding of how the initiative and individual programs are implemented, whether the model is effective in reducing risk factors for criminal justice involvement (e.g., recidivism), and whether it is cost-effective. This solicitation reflects DANY’s broad commitment to data-driven decision-making and to informing the research and practice field in New York and more widely.

Learn more and apply. Applications are due by December 16.

Source: JusticeCenter