September 7, 2017

Laura and John Arnold FoundadtionThe Laura and John Arnold Foundation’s Data-Driven Justice project is seeking applications for its Randomized Controlled Trials to Test Interventions for Frequent Utilizers of Multiple Health, Criminal Justice, and Social Service Systems grant. Funding will be distributed to help city, county, and state governments use data from randomized controlled trials to identify individuals who frequently utilize hospitals, jails, and housing assistance services with the goal of connecting them to appropriate evidence-based interventions. Proposals should target interventions that address some or all of the following outcomes of interest: reduction in arrest and recidivism rates; reduction in the use of medical services, such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations; improved health outcomes; housing stability; and economic well-being.

The solicitation provides further details about the program. Applications are due October 1, 2017.

Source: JusticeCenter