July 5, 2019
Categories: funding

SAMHSAThe Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is accepting applications for its FY2019 Mental and Substance Use Disorders Prevalence Study. Mental illness, particularly serious mental illness, is a significant public health problem with substantial unmet treatment needs in the United States. However, current surveillance systems leave several gaps in the understanding of these issues. These gaps center around two vital areas: lack of an accurate estimate of the numbers of Americans affected by the most seriously impairing disorders, and lack of the inclusion of critical populations who do not reside in households, e.g., homeless, institutionalized, or incarcerated populations in these estimates for mental illnesses and substance addictions. The purpose of this grant program is to ensure that these gaps in surveillance are addressed through a pilot program that assists in estimating the actual number of individuals living with mental illnesses and substance addictions.

Learn more and apply. Applications are due by August 16.

Source: JusticeCenter