June 10, 2019

Awards_OJJDPThe U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is seeking applications for the FY 2019 Addressing the Training Needs of Juvenile Prosecutors Program. Prosecutors play a key role in ensuring an effective juvenile justice system; in most jurisdictions they support law enforcement, coordinate diversion programs, participate in detention hearings, prosecute defendants in adjudicatory hearings, and participate in discharge and recommitment hearings. Nationally, there are very limited resources available to state and local juvenile prosecution offices for necessary training, education, and professional development and a need exists for the continued development and enhancement of national, state, and local standards and technical assistance to foster continuous improvement in the field.  The Addressing the Training Needs of Juvenile Prosecutors program is designed to fill these gaps, as well as to provide funding for the development of training resources in areas including education, substance addiction, and mental illnesses among youth.

The solicitation provides further details about the program. Applications are due by June 17.

Source: JusticeCenter