Does v. Stein hearing set for Feb 6

Does v. Stein hearing set for Feb 6

 After more than a year since NARSOL was joined by NCRSOL and two John Doe plaintiffs in a civil rights challenge to North Carolina’s SORNA scheme, we finally have a hearing set before Judge Loretta Biggs. On Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 9:30 am, our attorney, Paul Dubbeling, will face off against the state’s attorneys in the federal courthouse located at 251 N. Main Street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This hearing will consist of the state’s attorneys attempt to convince Judge Biggs to grant its Motion to Dismiss while Paul will work diligently to persuade her to do no such thing. Click here to visit the original NARSOL webpage.


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    • Tammie Leigh Lawson on April 16, 2018 at 11:47 am
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    I can only pray that today will be successful. My hopes has always lead to fears for the past 15 years. Even a small baby step would be victorious. There is hope there are attorneys and more people who are begging to realize the harsh punishment that the registry cause to RSOs and their families and friends. Civil Rights has been an issue for many years with SORNA but has been unsuccessful as success. Today I claim victory! I’m not from North Carolina however a win is a win even if it means a challenge by a higher court. We must be strong be brave be fearless and fight for the rights that our for fathers have us. Lord I come to you humbly asking for a calming spirit with open minds in today’s court proceedings. Thank you Paul Dubbing and Narsol for you great efforts and hard work also thanks to everyone who is in the fight and is actively working with the organization and various individuals for relief.

    1. SORNA is doing the “Good Work”. I pray your prayers are answered. Ric

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