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This page is devoted to the organizations, like CSI, who offer outreach to those who need a hand up.


“Z. Smith Reynolds (ZSR) Foundation features CSI in recent news.

Read the ZSR article at:


“Why is it called Love Wins?”

“I told him we had this crazy idea that if you treat people like people, then they act like people. And that we had learned that what people who are experiencing homelessness really need is a place to belong, not a place to tell them what to do. So we have worked to create that place.’ Read more about this extraordinary effort here in Raleigh NC, at:…and be sure to read their biscuitgate story at


Seeking Safety: What keeps hundreds of released inmates from committing more crimes in Fayetteville?

Late last year, The Fayetteville Observer committed to spending a year looking for successful crime-reduction efforts that could serve as examples for Fayetteville. Thus far, the newspaper’s “Seeking Safety” project has taken lead writer Greg Barnes and photographer James Robinson to cities across the Southeast and as far west as Oklahoma. Read the entire series at