Category: Substance Abuse

Nov 08

Addressing MT’s Substance Abuse; Summit Brings Former Surgeon General and State Leaders Together

KTVH By Mikenzie Frost HELENA – One in ten Montanans deal with substance abuse in some way and a shift in the way the country thinks about addiction is changing the way people get treatment. Millions of people across the country suffer from what is now known as substance abuse disorder. Tuesday, the Montana Healthcare …

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Sep 26

Recovery Reinvented Takes First Steps

The Bismark Tribune By Jack Dura North Dakota’s rank of No. 1 on lists for binge drinking shouldn’t be a source of pride, according to the state’s first lady on Tuesday. “The culture of drinking is worn like a badge of honor in our state rather than a cause for alarm,” first lady Kathryn Helgaas …

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Sep 25

Behavioral Health Conference to Showcase Best Practices

The Bismarck Tribune By Jack Dura In recent years, health professionals have seen a shift toward a new phrase: behavioral health. “It’s definitely a population where there are some that are strictly mental health issues and some that are substance use disorders, but the systems really overlap a lot,” said Kurt Snyder, executive director of the Heartview …

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Aug 17

Program Helps Jail Inmates Avoid Drugs, Reoffending

WMUR By Amy Coveno A program at the Carroll County Jail is aimed at keeping inmates from returning after they’re released. Jail officials said that about 90 percent of the 65 inmates in the facility are there because of drugs. A new program, called TRUST, aims to give the inmates the skills they need to …

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Jul 14

Trends in Substance Abuse Disorders among Adults Aged 18 or Older

This report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and its Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality considers the impact of substance use disorders on individuals, families, and communities using data from The National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Long-term trends at a specialty facility were analyzed with the goal of helping public health …

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Jun 13

Seeking Second Chances After Drug Convictions No Easy Task

WDAY/ABC By Dave Olson FARGO — Headlines about fatal drug overdoses are all too common as health professionals and policymakers here and across the country seek ways to quell illegal opioid use. But drug use can impact a life without ending it, as even low-level possession convictions can make it harder to get a job, …

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