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Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry and her panelists talk about where politics and the prison system converge in deciding who gets to vote, and the outcomes of the decision. Click to view the media link.

Right to vote

The Maryland legislature just gave 40,000 people the right to vote After a long fight, 40,000 people in Maryland just got the right to vote. The Maryland Senate voted to override Governor Hogan’s veto and allow people with felony convictions to register to vote after they have been released from prison. Until now, registration was …

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Education for Life After Incarceration

Education for Life After Incarceration by Elizabeth Renter 9/29/2015 When you’re released from prison, there are many challenges. Finding a job is at the top of that list. With employment inextricably tied to recidivism, placing formerly-incarcerated in viable positions is something that doesn’t only benefit those getting out of prison, but entire communities. Still, it’s …

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Tragedy In U.S. Jail System

Kalief Browder: Tragedy In U.S. Jail System by Elizabeth Renter – 7/12/2015 If you haven’t heard of Kalief Browder, it’s time you do. Arrested at age 16 for allegedly stealing a backpack, a crime he insisted he was innocent of, Browder was held without trial at New York’s infamous Rikers Island for some three years. …

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Registering child sex offenders for life.

Read this article regarding legislation to register child offenders for life. Of course this would block them from entering a public school or being around other children. I would agree that if a professional deemed the offender pathological, then they need to be safely within mental-health treatment. But, for a youthful indiscretion, such as mentioned …

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Moral Week of Action continues

Dennis Gaddy speaking, August 23rd, 2014 – North Carolina’s Forward Together Moral Week of Action continues with a focus on Education and Criminal Justice.

Joint Select Committee on Ex-Offender Reintegration

The “Joint Select Committee on Ex-Offender Reintegration Into Society” report in PDF format was made public in January of 2011. The committee was first convened on March 18, 2010   In this historic report, all of the contributing members are listed and their findings. To view this document, click here

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