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Jan 11

Editorial: A Blueprint for Reforming Missouri’s Broken Corrections System

St. Louis Post Dispatch Missouri’s leaders are doing taxpayers no favors by repeatedly delaying the fixes that the state’s corrections system so badly needs. The system is running at 105 percent of capacity and needs a significant economic investment to relieve the pressure. A comprehensive study says that if Missouri doesn’t invest now, two new …

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Jan 05

Missouri Faces Choice: Improve Prison System or Build Two New Lockups, Task Force Warns

St. Louis Post-Dispatch By Jesse Bogan and Kurt Erickson JEFFERSON CITY • In early 2017, a state lawmaker shot up a flare, saying Missouri may be on a “collision course” to building a new prison. That was an apparent understatement. If major improvements aren’t made at the Department of Corrections, two new prisons will be …

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Oct 17

Transforming Nebraska’s Criminal Justice System

Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise By Governor Pete Ricketts Prisons play a key role in Nebraska’s criminal justice system by protecting public safety and preparing inmates for return to our society. Under the leadership of Director Scott Frakes over the past two years, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) has been making great strides and working to …

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Sep 20

Justice Reinvestment Task Force Continues Review of Criminal Justice System

KMIZ/ABC By Sara Maslar-Donar JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri’s incarceration rate is the eighth highest in the nation, and according to state data, it’s not losing that rank anytime soon. According to the Missouri Department of Corrections, Missouri’s population growth is projected to grow 5 percent in the next five years. Under current trends, MDOC will …

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Sep 07

We Need a Long-Term Plan for Reducing Reincarcerations

The Hill By Sam Schaeffer From the 1970s until just a few years ago, “tough on crime” policies such as militarized policing, severe sentencing laws and eliminating services like prison education defined our approach to criminal justice. Officials in both parties championed these approaches despite evidence showing they were ineffective, created untenable costs and eviscerated …

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Aug 28

Montana Launches Ambitious Sentencing Reforms to Slow the Growth of Prison Population

KXLH By Mike Dennison From prisons to pre-release centers to probationary supervision, Montana has 15,000 criminal offenders on the books – an amount projected to grow in coming years, even though crime rates have been relatively stable or declining. But in a rare bipartisanship push on a major issue, state lawmakers this year enacted a …

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Jul 12

Task Force Delves into Missouri Prison Data

News Tribune By Tyler Wornell Analyzing data could be the key to effectively reforming Missouri’s criminal justice system, which has the eighth-highest incarceration rate in the nation. That will be the goal of the Justice Reinvestment Task Force — established by Gov. Eric Greitens via executive order June 30 — as it uses a data-driven …

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Jul 05

What Will We Do About the ‘Egregious Overcrowding’ at Maui Community Correctional Center?

Maui Time By Lantana Hoke Recently, I went into the Maui Community Correctional Center. I was there to meet with the Warden and another official to talk with them about the problems facing MCCC that are becoming increasingly critical, namely the vast overcrowding that is plaguing all jails and prisons in Hawaii. I entered through the …

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Jul 03

State Corrections Leader Hopes to See Results Soon After Reform Efforts

WDAZ8/ABC By John Hageman BISMARCK — The head of North Dakota’s corrections department hopes to see results soon in the state’s efforts to slow and reduce a growing inmate population after the recent passage of criminal justice reform legislation. Leann Bertsch, director of the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, pointed to a provision …

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Mar 31

Conservatives Are Leading the Way as States Enact Criminal Justice Reform

Slate By Brandon L. Garrett The United States incarcerates its citizens at a higher rate than any other country in the world, but over the past few years, there’s finally been some progress. Rates of incarceration have finally begun to decline, mostly due to sweeping changes made in progressive states like California, New Jersey, and …

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