Category: Prison education

Jan 04

Kansas Jail Expands Re-Entry Program to Reduce Recidivism

Topeka Capital-Journal By Katie Moore The Shawnee County Jail is expanding its re-entry program in an effort aimed at reducing recidivism. Jail director Brian Cole said offenders who are released may find securing housing and employment to be a challenge. Last month, a newly formed re-entry advisory board met for the first time. The group …

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Dec 29

For an Increasing Number of Youth in Juvenile Detention, Learning Is Possible

Slate By Francesca Berardi Before Malik was locked away in a juvenile prison in Woodsbend, a small town tucked into Kentucky’s Appalachian Mountains, he didn’t care much about school. No one in his immediate family has a high school diploma and his teachers, it seemed, only cared about the successful students. Malik, who is 18, spent …

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Dec 12

Recidivism and Rutherford: Jail Staff Pushing to Open More Education Classes for Inmates

USA Today Network-Tennessee By Mariah Timms The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office is in a period of transition, and nowhere are the winds of change felt more strongly than in the Adult Detention Center. “Of course we’re going to have our bumps here and there—it’s corrections, it’s a jail, things are going to happen—but our goal is …

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