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Newly Configured Parole Board a Linchpin of MT’s Correctional Reforms

KXLH By Mikenzie Frost (DEER LODGE) For the first time in Montana’s history, the state board deciding parole for thousands of criminal offenders now has full-time members with a background in corrections – a key piece of sentencing reforms enacted by the 2017 Legislature. Scott Cruse, a former FBI agent and the board’s new chair, …

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Montana Launches Ambitious Sentencing Reforms to Slow the Growth of Prison Population

KXLH By Mike Dennison From prisons to pre-release centers to probationary supervision, Montana has 15,000 criminal offenders on the books – an amount projected to grow in coming years, even though crime rates have been relatively stable or declining. But in a rare bipartisanship push on a major issue, state lawmakers this year enacted a …

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