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In Seattle, 1 in 5 People Booked into Jail Are Homeless

Crosscut By David Kroman Rosalind Tymony doesn’t know how many times she’s been arrested, but she’s sure it’s more than 30 — at least once a year since she became homeless. Tymony often spends her time in Belltown, where she knows the police and the police know her. It was an addiction to heroin that first got …

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LEAD Diversion Program Is Expanding to the City of Burien, Washington

Real Change By Ashley Archibald Jimmy Matta became mayor of a changing Burien. The bedroom community in which he took up domicile was largely untouched by the explosive growth that struck Seattle in recent years, bringing with it intense wealth as well as increasing inequality and gentrification. The city no longer enjoys the relative quiet …

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Wilmington, NC’s Solution to the Opioid Crisis

Governing By J. Brian Charles Jonathan Alexander Hayes was driving while high on opioids. It was the morning of Nov. 1, 2016, and the 24-year-old was approaching the busy intersection of Oleander Drive and Independence Boulevard in Wilmington, N.C., when he overdosed. Ahead of Hayes’ truck was the Richardson family. Mason, who was three days …

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