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Register for Webinar: Building Resiliency for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System by Disrupting the Abuse to Prison Pipeline

Hosted by the Justice Clearinghouse This webinar will examine how gendered violence can create pathways for the girls who experience it into the juvenile justice system. It will also examine how social attitudes towards girls, especially girls of color and LGBTQ girls, contribute to their being criminalized for their own abuse, and identify strategies to …

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Black Girls, Who Often Have History of Trauma, Are 11 Times More Likely to Encounter Justice System

WESA By An-Li Herring Black girls in the Pittsburgh region are 11 times more likely than white girls to have contact with the juvenile justice system, according to a 2016 study, Inequities Affecting Black Girls in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Nationally, the study notes, black girls are sent to juvenile justice three times as often as …

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