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Prosecutors and Frequent Utilizers: How Can Prosecutors Better Address the Needs of People Who Frequently Interact with the Criminal Justice and Other Social Systems?

For many individuals who are arrested and charged, a combination of challenges—including mental illness, substance addiction, poverty, and trauma—can lead to frequent stays in local jails, emergency rooms, or homeless shelters. This publication from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Institute for Innovation in Prosecution outlines how prosecutors can better serve the needs of those who frequently …

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Modern Justice: Using Data to Reinvent America’s Crisis Response Systems

This publication from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) examines how police officers, emergency workers, housing officials, judges, case workers, doctors, and nurses can contribute to solving the problem of “frequent utilizers”—those who cycle in and out of jails, hospitals, shelters, and other social service programs at a high rate. Frequent utilizers are unique …

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Register for Webinar: Building a Community Collaborative—Interventions that Link Healthcare Providers, CBOs, and the Criminal Justice System

Hosted by Health Management Associates People who have chronic health conditions or mental health and substance use disorders, and are in the criminal justice system, are among the highest cost utilizers of the healthcare system. A multi-pronged Community Collaborative approach can ensure evidence-based interventions that identify and effectively treat high utilizers — helping to keep them …

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