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Tender Justice: North Dakota Is Conducting a Prison Experiment Unlike Anything in the United States

Governing By David Kidd Terry Pullins is on his second tour in the North Dakota prison system. He’s also done time in California. Since he never got farther than the fifth grade, the 40-year-old Pullins has spent nearly as much time behind bars as he did in school. But last December brought the most acute …

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Three Arizona State Prisons Plan to Add Employment Centers to Help Soon-To-Be Released Inmates Find Jobs

Havasu News By Jenna Aronson PHOENIX – Jude Garcia spent three and half years behind bars for armed robbery and aggravated assault. He left prison with the clothes he wore when he was incarcerated, $100 and no job. “I applied close to 50 jobs after I was released, but no one would hire me because …

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