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Justice Reinvestment in Ohio: Second Presentation

The second presentation to the Ohio Justice Reinvestment Committee highlights key takeaways from the 50-State Summit on Public Safety, presents findings from a law enforcement survey conducted by the Justice Center, and examines the behavioral health landscape in Ohio. Guest presenter Dr. Robin Engel provides information on effective policing strategies and recaps Ohio’s efforts in …

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Justice Reinvestment in Ohio: Overview

This overview outlines several criminal justice challenges in Ohio, including increases in certain types of violent crime in some parts of the state; substance use issues driven by the opioid crisis, which are causing increases in prison admissions; a large probation population; high corrections spending; and a large prison population. The overview summarizes the stages involved …

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Justice Reinvestment 2.0 in Ohio: Launch Presentation

The first presentation to the Ohio Justice Reinvestment Committee introduces the justice reinvestment process and highlights new challenges in Ohio related to violent crime and opioid use, as well as persistent issues related to probation supervision, sentencing, and prison costs. Source: JusticeCenter