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Baltimore County to Further Improve Crisis Response System Based on Independent Assessment

By CSG Justice Center Staff The Baltimore County, Maryland county executive released a report today that provides recommendations for the county to better position its police-mental health collaboration, the Baltimore County Crisis Response System (BCCRS), to provide an effective and comprehensive response that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and maximizes …

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Mental Health Lockups Spiked by 1,365 Percent in Two Years at Summit County Jail

Summit Daily (Colorado) By Hugh Carey When John told a crisis hotline counselor that he was suicidal last September, he didn’t expect the police to get involved. But roughly two hours later, he says, sheriff’s deputies arrived at his home in Summit Cove. John, who asked his real name be withheld, had been drinking heavily and …

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Colorado Will No Longer Lock up People Who Are Suicidal or in Mental Health Crisis

The Denver Post By Jennifer Brown It soon will be against the law in Colorado to lock people in jail when they are picked up on mental health holds. The legislation signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday also increases funds for a network of crisis-response teams, walk-in mental health treatment centers and transportation to …

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