Category: Criminal record

Oct 26

After 20 Years, Still Haunted by a Drug Conviction

The Marshall Project By Jason Bost I love my daughter. That goes without saying for most parents, but I am truly crazy about mine. She literally came out of the womb with a smile on her face — no crying, just a big smile, shocking the doctor and all the nurses in the room. As …

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May 31

Are Employers Finally Giving Felons a Second Chance?

The Week By Jeff Spross One of the festering problems in the American economy is how our job market treats people with criminal records. There are between 14 million and 15.8 million Americans of working age with felony convictions, and 6.1 million to 6.9 million of them are also former prisoners. Employers often rule them …

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May 30

Stigma of Criminal Record Fades as U.S. Employers Get Desperate

Bloomberg By Steve Matthews Shea Rochester, who once spent a month in jail on an assault charge that was later dropped, is now wanted in a different way. After a few months of job hunting, the 32-year-old recently got two offers in the same week. He accepted a $14.48-an-hour position at a Georgia factory that makes …

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May 01

Call for Participants: Study on Workplace Performance of People with Criminal Records

Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation is currently inviting employers to participate in a research study designed to better understand the workplace performance of people with criminal records. The case study will analyze data related to the tenure and performance of employees with and without criminal records so that it can compare their outcomes over time. Employee data …

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