Category: Adult reentry

Panel: Laws Drive Higher Prison Population at Higher Cost

Columbia Daily Tribune By Rudi Keller In Missouri, a person becomes an adult eligible to drink at age 21, vote at 18 and commit a crime at 17. That law, combined with very low thresholds for felony charges for drug crimes, can mean a lifetime of lower wages, fewer opportunities and a greater chance of …

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Recovery Reinvented Takes First Steps

The Bismark Tribune By Jack Dura North Dakota’s rank of No. 1 on lists for binge drinking shouldn’t be a source of pride, according to the state’s first lady on Tuesday. “The culture of drinking is worn like a badge of honor in our state rather than a cause for alarm,” first lady Kathryn Helgaas …

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Justice Reinvestment Bill Moves Forward

The Bismarck Tribune By Nick Smith A centerpiece of state criminal justice reform efforts this session inched one step further in its legislative journey after unanimously clearing the Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday morning. “There are some that will benefit from this,” said Sen. Larry Robinson, D-Valley City, adding the state should try to help those …

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