Since its beginning, the folks at CSI have realized the importance of building and maintaining partnerships with local businesses, other non-profit organizations, and local agencies. These partnerships prove to be essential with enabling CSI to accomplish its mission.

We all know the effects of the economy on the job market; so, when we are able to partner with businesses that will give formerly incarcerated individuals a second chance, it not only helps the partners, but also has positive effects on the community and the economy.

In February 2010, CSI and WATTACH, an automotive service business, established a partnership which has resulted in employment and business ownership opportunity for CSI mentee John (Vito) Garofano.

John is a productive member of the community now able to meet many of his personal needs.

CSI partner, Wheels4Hope offers a different opportunity. It offers its partner clients refurbished used vehicles at reasonable cost. CSI mentee, David Ange recently found employment, but had no transportation. Because of the Wheels4Hope partnership, David was able to get reliable transportation and is now able to get back and forth to work and take care of personal obligations better.

Partnerships offer win-win results.